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Government Of Assam Legislative Assam State Legal Services Authority


  • Strategy for Legal Aid to the Victims

    • Ensuring immediate help by Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies to the victims.
    • Coordinating different departments of the government and the NGOs for brining immediate relief.
    • Supervising the distribution of relief materials.
    • Supervising the construction of temporary shelters or transporting victims to safer place.
    • Supervising the reunion of families.
    • Supervising the health care of the victims and preventing the spread of epidemics.
    • Supervising the needs of women and children.
    • Ensuring the availability of food, drinking-water and medicine.
    • Supervising the reconstruction of damaged dwelling houses.
    • Supervising the restoration of cattle and chattel.
    • Legal Awareness Programmes in the relief camps on the legal rights of the victims.
    • Organising Legal Aid Clinics in the affected areas for assisting in the reconstruction of valuable documents.
    • Taking care of the rehabilitation and the future care and education of the orphaned children.
    • Taking steps for appropriate debt relief measures for the victims.
    • Rehabilitation of the old and disabled who lost their supporting families.
    • Problems relating to Insurance Policies.
    • Arranging Bank Loans for restarting the lost business and avocations.
    • Arranging for the services of psychologists/psychiatrists help for counselling the victims suffering from psychological shock and depression on account of the disaster.
    • District Legal Services Authority shall collect reports from the Core Group.
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