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Scheme Guidelines

  • The need of providing relief and rehabilitation to the victims and their dependants is considered so important that United Nations Declaration on Victims of Crime and Abuse of power, 1985 had led Member States to make provisions for victim compensation in their laws and thereby making it an important responsibilities upon the states. In the line of the said Declaration the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 was amended in 2009 with the insertion of Section 357,357-A,357-B, 357-C which mandates the grant of victim compensation. The State Legal Services Authority and the District Legal Services Authority were assigned with the job of providing compensation to the victims and their dependants after proper enquiry and verification. Assam Victim Compensation Scheme, 2012 was further enacted to achieve the goal of providing relief and properly rehabilitated victims.

    Scheme Guidelines
    The Assam Victim Compensation Scheme, 20121.34 MBswf-image