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Government Of Assam Legislative Assam State Legal Services Authority


  • The Sub clause (e) of Section 12 of The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 makes the victims of disasters who are under circumstances of undeserved want as a result of such disaster eligible for free legal services to file or defend a case. But in a disaster of catastrophic nature whether it is natural or manmade, the victims are often taken unawares and are subjected to face the grim situation of loss of life, becoming homeless, destruction of property or damage to or degradation of environment and subject to human sufferings and damage beyond the coping capacity of the community of the affected area.

    Even though it is the duty of the Government and the Administration of the locality to come to the help of the victims of disasters, Legal Services Authorities by virtue of sub-clause (e) of Section 12 can play an effective role by coordinating the activities of the State Administration in the disaster management by way of strategic interventions in an integrated and sustainable manner, reducing the gravity of the crisis and to build a platform for early recovery and development. The Legal Services Authorities shall endeavour to help the victims and the administration for reducing risk and assisting them to adopt disaster mitigation policies and strategies, reducing the vulnerabilities of the geographical and social situation and strengthening their capacities for managing human made and natural disasters at all levels.